The MSport6 Story

MSport6 was formed in 2014 (then under the name of "Monique The Mountain Biker"). The idea came about when President and CEO Monique Vek was competing at a barrel race on an extremely hot day, thinking her competitive mountain biking shirt would keep her much cooler than her traditional cotton shirt. She went home, added a cuff and collar, and The Air Conditioned Shirt was born. The lady from Monte Creek, British Columbia had changed the face of western wear as we know it!

After a few modifications to perfect her design, she put her shirts on the market, making only 100 in each design to maintain exclusivity. In 2015, the company name was changed to MSport6, reflecting Monique's love of travel and the concept that we are all connected via 6 degrees of separation.

Since then, Monique has expanded her market to include jeans, nightgowns and travel apparel. Shirts are produced on a more global scale, but designs are NEVER replicated. This makes them highly sought after by those who collect. With sizes ranging from 2XS-3XL, there is a shirt for almost everyone!