Welcome to MSport6 Maritimes!

Here you will find comfortable, stylish western wear to help you not only look your best, but perform at your best as well.

Not your average jeans!

Our MSport6 jeans are anything but ordinary. With fancy embroidered pockets, and yoga pant feel, you'll actually WANT to wear jeans all day long. These jeans have been wear tested for several days in a row and they do not lose their shape or give you that "saggy bottom" look like other brands will. Throw in our exclusive zippered bottom that reveals a pop of color, you can go from regular jeans to conversation starters with just a zip!

Now you can match your shirt, tack, and sport boots for a completely coordinated look!

Shirts designed FOR equestrians, BY equestrians!

Our shirts were the first western style shirts on the market made with sweat wicking athletic material. We literally wrote the book on the subject!

Our shirts feature:

-Longer sleeves to allow you to really stretch out in your run without your arms being restricted (and they keep pictures from looking silly)

-Zippered shirts prevent accidental exposure from buttons getting caught over the horn of the saddle and popping open. Our new "Game Changer" style is a zippered shirt that features faux buttons, giving you the classic look of a western shirt without the fear of it popping open.

-Athletic material has 4-way stretch so there is no restrictions. Concentrate on your ride, not whats holding you back.

Our shirts are worn by some of the best in the world!